Cane River


Author: Lalita Tademy. Lalita Tademy's riveting family saga chronicles four generations of women born into slavery along the Cane River in Louisiana. It is also a tale about the blurring of racial boundaries: great-grandmother Elisabeth notices an unmistakable "bleaching of the line" as first her daughter Suzette, then her granddaughter Philomene, and finally her great-granddaughter Emily choose (or are forcibly persuaded) to bear the illegitimate offspring of the area's white French planters. … [Read more...]

The Man Who Took a Bite Out of His Wife and Other Stories


Author: Bev Jafek. Jafek's surreal, postmodern debut story collection features stories that have previously been selected for the Pushcart Prize and The Best American Short Stories anthologies. … [Read more...]

The Omega Point


Author: Mark Mozden. THE OMEGA POINT, a new science thriller by Mark Mozden, is the story of a heroic FBI agent, a twisted assassin, and a beautiful NASA astronaut, in a world full of sex, danger, and… brain candy! Emergence, quantum mechanics, neuro-science, the Singularity, and other topics ripped from today's science headlines infuse the action with a deep fascination of our rapidly changing world. … [Read more...]

Arranged Marriages


Author: Chitra Divakaruni. Poet Divakaruni, who was born in India and now teaches in America, makes her fiction debut with 11 stories about transformation and immigration. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. … [Read more...]

Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women


Author: Susan Faludi. A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Faludi lays out a two-fold thesis in this aggressive work: First, despite the opinions of pop-psychologists and the mainstream media, career-minded women are generally not husband-starved loners on the verge of nervous breakdowns. Secondly, such beliefs are nothing more than anti-feminist propaganda pumped out by conservative research organizations with clear-cut ulterior motives. This backlash against the … [Read more...]

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything


Author: Janelle Brown. In Brown's withering Silicon Valley satire, a family wakes up on a June day to realize that patriarch Paul's company has hit the big time with a phenomenal IPO. But instead of rejoicing about being newly rich, the family's three women each find themselves in the throes of a major crisis. Paul has fled with his new amour, who happens to be wife Janice's tennis partner. Desperate housewife Janice discovers the soothing power of the pool boy's drug stash and sinks into … [Read more...]

The Year of the Buck


Author: Susan Harper. In these 10 stories, most previously published, Harper ( The Oakland Paramount ) composes the lives of women from girlhood to middle age with enough finesse to draw the reader in, although most are offered in a similar melancholy key. During an informal lunch, two friends, a single woman who is seeing a married man and a wife whose husband is having an affair, compare their flawed relationships to "the blue plate special"--to get what you want, you have to take whatever … [Read more...]

My Wartime Summers


Author: Susan Harper. A sensibility more adult than childlike colors Cutler's episodic novel about an American girl growing up during WWII. Ellen, first met in the summer of 1942, when she is 11, has no way of grasping the meaning of war. When a German Jewish refugee family moves into her neighborhood, she is certain that they are spies, and she leaps out from behind a bush to tackle the young daughter, yelling, "Geronimo!" By the time the war ends, however, Ellen has greater understanding, … [Read more...]

Happiness Sold Separately


Author: Lolly Winston. The marriage of Ted and Elinor Mackey, a yuppie podiatrist-lawyer couple in their early-40s living in Northern California, is pushed to the brink when Elinor learns that Ted is having an affair with his trainer, Gina Ellison. Elinor's reaction—pity—surprises her. Winston (Good Grief) adroitly makes it clear that Ted's affair is a symptom: infertility problems have caused years of emotional turmoil. And Gina's no bimbo: she has a loving but difficult relationship with Ted, … [Read more...]

California’s Over


Author: Louis B. Jones. In this uncohesive new novel, Jones (Particles & Luck, Pantheon, 1993) explores themes of decay and dysfunction that unfortunately end up afflicting his own work. Narrator Baelthon has long been involved with the family of famed poet James Farmican, who shot himself in the 1960s. Nothing in the world of the Farmicans has solid foundations, from their crumbling, condemned house to their personal relationships, which are colored by family myths, truths untold, and … [Read more...]