Stolen Moments

Edited by: Michael Nagler and William Swanson. No customer reviews yet. Be the first. Stolen Moments is a collection of stories about men and women who have been enticed, enthralled, and entangled by the mysterious music of desire. The voices here range from the wry irony of Woody Allen, to the cool precision of Margaret Atwood, from the surrealist metaphors of Octavio Paz, to the passionate introspection of Doris Lessing. Other writers include Milan Kundera, Edna O’Brien, Richard Ford, Susan Minot, Ian McEwan, Laurie Colwin, Russell Banks, Hilma Wolitzer, Lorrie Moore, and Charlie Smith. The stories are set in places as various as Canada, Mexico, Czechoslovakia, Georgia, New York and London. But their real residence is in the space in the imagination where desire conjures the fantasies that make men and women simultaneously fascinated and mystified by each other’s presence. The result is a captivating fictional journey that allows the reader to witness, and perhaps to feel, the unforeseen acts, sudden changes, and unexplained consequences that desire brings to our lives.

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